What is Sod?

Sod is pretty cool whenever you think about it, as it’s simply grass that has already been planted and can be rolled out into the lawn. Plus, it then bonds with the natural soil and nutrients underneath it and starts to grow just like normal grass. All you have to do is wait for your pallet of st augustine grass to connect to the soil and that’s that!

But how is sod made? What makes it so great for some lawns and not others?

Well sod is professionally grown and watered by sod farmers, and it is grown to keep the weeds out. The process to grow perfect grass, takes anywhere from one to two years, but it does give an instant lawn. Sod does have a short lifespan though, so people who order sod often know when they will lay it in advance.

If sod isn’t laid in time it can be dried out and it will end up looking colorless, so sod must be watered no matter what when it is installed. To install sod, the lawn underneath it must be clear of everything, such as rocks and weeds. Then the soil must be raked and tilted with compost, and finally the sod is laid over the existing grass.

pallet of st augustine

Sod needs to be sprayed with water daily, and it takes a few weeks to allow the roots to connect to the soil. Once the connection starts it will act like a normal lawn, and can be walked and played on without trouble.

Sod can be a great way to cover up a messy looking lawn, but you are restricted in the types of grass that can be grown. Do some research into sod and see the types of grasses that would be good for your area, and if you find a match, start the installation process!