The Oohs & aahs of landscape gardening

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It was the typo button on the word processing program that kept on prompting the writer to merely utter the proverbial ‘ah’. Really, folks, it could mean anything, and yes, you are quite right, it has absolutely nothing to do with the landscape design portsmouth nh business. But once the finishing touches have been applied to what was once a derelict yard for the client, and you have seen the results, you too will be gasping. 

Not ah, no, no, not that, but – aaah!! – because that looks really gorgeous. Fair enough, liberties have been taken. A collection of emotions to do with seeing something splendiferous for the very first time. After years of gazing despairingly over a derelict and dusty brown yard for all these years and then seeing this for the first time could give the system that holds all emotions, thoughts and feelings quite a jolt.

Why, oh why, have folks been putting off this exercise for so, so long, after all these years. Honestly, folks thought that a landscape design and installation service would be just so expensive. Indeed, and like all things in life, if you enter into contracts with the most prestigious guardians, you will find the costs a little hard on the high side. But the thing is that over the years, it has become so encouraging to see so many men and women – they’re called small business entrepreneurs – choose this niche for themselves.

They have identified the marketing possibilities and have made landscape gardening and maintenance a lot more affordable and accessible to the average Joe’s and Sally’s out there. But perhaps this is more important. They have discovered a love for all beautiful things green and growing. And they have bought into the practice of greening the local environment.